Tuesday, 16 December 2014

ROM Friday Night Live

Every once in a while the Royal Ontario Museum hosts a late night at the museum called, Friday Night Live. Based on a theme, you purchase a ticket for entry and you can spend 4-5 hours hanging out in the museum. Think Night at the Museum meets a downtown night club.

We attended on 'Heroes' night and each room, some more than others, were loosely based around this theme. 

Some people even dressed up. Creeper, blur on purpose photo of Amelia Earhart.

After purchasing food/drink tickets, we wandered the halls and scooped out the best food stall. They all smelled so good.

There was live music the whole evening as different dj's and entertainers took to the stage. A proper dance party took place.

 Of course we took a photo in the NOW lounge and felt a little bit like a celebrity.

Breaking the internet

 And don't forget the normal museum exhibits on display, that seem so much better when viewed with a wine in hand, chatting with your friends. I feel like the objects, when incidental to the event, take on new interpretation. I was noticing items that I have never remembered seeing before and took a moment to appreciate them.

So hipster

The Ancient Greece room has always been my favourite exhibit to run to on a normal day visit to the museum, but this display of Grecian statues were made that much better with "Caption This!". Given a sticky note and a sharpie, you could go around captioning the figures. There are some clever people out there.

"'tis but a flesh wound"

"The morning after....tequila is never a good idea."

"No, no really--you can come out from behind the shield--you look fabulous!"

The night ended on a surreal note; as we were ushered out the doors we witnessed drunk people snogging, stumbling about, and having incoherent arguments among the dinosaurs and ancient relics. Weird.

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