Friday, 5 December 2014

G & T's Forever

My mum says, "You can't cook without a glass of wine". My dad says, "You can't barbecue without a beer." I say, "The classic gin and tonic is good for all occasions."  My family may have a drinking problem.

Selena reintroduced me the g&t, I say reintroduced because I knew it excited, I just forgot how damn good it is. Usually when I'm at a bar/pub my mind goes blank and I can't think of  single alcoholic beverage I might want to indulge in that night. My trick is to wait to see what others are ordering and unless it's beer, I probably get the same thing. If it is beer, I usually panic and get a rum and coke. So boring. 

So that's how I was reintroduced to this most wonderful adult drink. And good thing too, England has this thing DOWN! With its long and colourful history with the distilled drink otherwise known as 'Mother's Ruin', it's not hard to find distilleries and pubs that specialize in making gin and gin cocktails.

The simple g&t happily became my go to drink on a night out, a quick 'pint' at the pub, a picnicking afternoon. I especially loved discovering a clever twist to my classic refreshing bevie. And there were lots of options out there to discover.

One night, after wandering Portobello Road Market, witnessing an incredible London sunset, we came across the Portobello Star and Ginstitue. It was warm inside and the drinks looked amazing. I mean look at these pretty little creations. Truthfully, these pictures are from way long ago (this past spring!!) so I cannot remember what it was we were drinking, but I do remember I could have had a dozen of them.

I've not had a g&t of any sort since leaving London, it's just not a thing here, but I might just have to change that. I'll be adding it to the list of things I'm working on importing to Canada; afternoon tea, Assam tea, McVittie's Caramels, wedding hats, the words 'bespoke', 'loo', and 'ta', and delicious gin cocktails. I better get busy.

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