Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas Flashback

You guys, I love Christmas and moreover I love Christmas Markets. I'm super bummed not to be traveling with the Gluhwein Gang this year, but am damned and determined to get my Christmas Market on in Canada.

Recently, my most popular post has been A Christmas Marketing We Will Go, where E and I were ADD kids hopped up on sugar doing all the Christmas in Vienna.

Since December 1st is the official, official start of the season and all things Christmas are finally socially acceptable from this day forth, I've put together a roundup of the Christmas Market posts I've done.

Cologne was my first taste of a real Christmas Market and what a lovely setting to start. I was very taken with the many tastes and smells in Christmas Market foods of Germany

The Gluhwein Gang was so pleased to check off three German towns on this trip. Christmas Markets of Cologne, Bonn, and Dusseldorf

Closer to home I went to the Marylebone Christmas Market and tree lighting. The frist time was a happy accident, the following year, I made sure to have it in my calendar.

My favourite area of London any day of the week is the Southbank, so it was no surprise that with a little Christmas magic the Southbank Christmas Market is my favourite.

I loved this little town. The Christmas spirit in Bratislava was a little demure, but felt very authentic; the markets were not solely for the tourists. Bratislava markets

The opposite of your time in Bratislava and on a much grander scale, Vienna was magical, impressive, and left us wanting more as we ran around the many Christmas Markets of Vienna.

I just love food and look for any reason to take a photo of my next meal, the tastes of Vienna did not disappoint.

Postscript: reread this post and take a shot every time I said Christmas!


  1. I love southbank, especially at Christmas. I always found it less packed then the other Christmassy areas (ie. winter wonderland)

  2. Maybe that's why I loved the southbank so much!


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