Tuesday, 5 August 2014

FOOD: The Provence Addition

You know I live by the rule, "its food, it must be photographed" so of course as a round up to my epic girls extra long weekend in Provence mega posts I had to finish things off with a food post. So prepare you taste buds to salivate. 

This drink! It's a Provence regional thing, Rosé Pomplemousse. Wine and grapefruit juice. It was refreshing, thirst quenching and alcoholic. Who could ask for anything more?

The restaurant, Le Bercail, with the best damn pizza, best damn chili oil, and best damn chips around. (and the best damn view) So nice, we went there twice.*
Our little group of lady friends continued our drama free days into drama free dinners where we shared pizzas and side orders of fries. And there there was this chili oil that you drizzled on the pizza. It was heaven in a bottle, but other than that, I couldn't tell you what made it so amazing. (anyone have some good infused oil recipes?)

Meet Le Colonel:vodka and lemon sorbet. Period.

*we actually went 3 times, but that didn't rhyme. It was delicious and super convenient

One night I tried for the first time escargot a.k.a. cute little snails. The verdict? Anything in lovely garlic butter is good.

On our day trip to Aix en Provence we had lunch at a tapas restaurant. There were so many yummy looking things on the menu we couldn't decide, so we decided not to decide and asked the waiter to pick for us.

He done gud.

One day Selena had a dream and her dream was to have crepes. We had to make that dream come true and so we had savoury crepes for lunch.

While making Selena's dreams come true we were seated across from a market stall selling fruit pate. We had no idea what it could be so of course we bought a small slab. Raspberry. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be married to a man that made fruit pate?

The verdict? It was okay. I could see really enjoying it with some crisp crackers and sharp cheese. It complimented our market food picnic we had for dinner that night, with fresh strawberries, cured meat, baguettes, dips and goat cheese. Oh, and don't forget the rosé.

On our last night in Avignon we decided to find a nice restaurant (we had been so lucky so far) to treat ourselves. We consulted our handy TripAdvisor and made a reservation. We arrived at our destination and all of us had a bad feeling about the place. None of us voiced our concerns until the chief/owner came out to talk to the Canadians. After a rude and offensive encounter we agreed this wasn't going to happen and we left before placing any orders.
It was getting late, we were starved, and we were desperate for a restaurant. We stopped at the next closest one and it was a godsend. Literally. It was in a converted chapel for the old mortuary. The menu was simple and classic. It was an excellent end to our time in Provence. We didn't think it could get any better until this chief/owner personally drove us back to our hotel. 

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Fun travels!


  1. Oh so delicious. I'm jealous of past Erin having had enjoyed this and present Erin can't.


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