Friday, 15 August 2014

Day Trips from Dover: Sandwich and Deal

The surrounding areas of Dover were talked up so much by friends and aquaintances that we figured we'd have to check some of them out. After careful consideration, a quick check of train times and a recommendation from the B&B we decided to visit historic town of Sandwich and the coastal region of Deal. And for  £6 return from Dover, you couldn't ask for a better bargain.

Sandwich was established in the 11th century and there are still a few building and gates that have survived from the Medieval Period. As we were there on a weekday there wasn't a whole lot to do in Sandwich except to wander the narrow streets and admire the pretty scenery. But this suited us just fine. We eventually stopped at the 'No Name Shop' on No Name Street and had lunch. I had a sandwich.

I found my book in the church book sale.

Above is the Barbican which was used as a toll building in the 14th century. There are several pubs clustered around it that are just as old.

This is the back side of the Fisher Gate and is the only surviving Medieval Gates to survive. 

Once we had our fill we hopped on the next train to the sea side town of Deal. We got off the train and guessed at the direction of the pier. It was a beautifully sunny day in this 13th century port city and we took a tour of the promenade. There were a series of wonderful looking pubs and cafes along the drag, but unfortunately we were unable to draw out our time in this lovely little place. There's even a tiny castle and several maritime museums that would have been interesting, but instead we frolicked in the sea and on the rocky beach and then booked it out of there to catch our last train home from Dover.

Fun travels!


  1. I think the super sunny day helped make our time in these towns that much better. It's amazing what warmth and sun can do.


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