Thursday, 28 August 2014

Columbia Road Flower Market

I've never had a particularly green thumb, nor felt the need for decorating with cut flowers, though I wouldn't scoff at a gifted bouquet, but generally plants and keep our distances, admiring from a far.The day I visited the Columbia Road Flower Market was no different.I was there more for the experience then for searching for a fragrant purchase.

This, like any other London market had vendors calling out to passing punters trying to strike a deal and out bid their fellow stalls, and was rammed with people. We had arrived in the later half of the day when it was just heaving with people, but this also meant that things were winding down and sellers were wanting to get rid of their products.

After a few hours of wandering and pushing our way through the crowds, sniffing and picking the perfect plants, we needed a much needed ice cream break and a sit down with a friendly puppy.

One of the downsides of making a great plant purchase; getting it home.

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