Thursday, 17 July 2014

Palais des Papes

While visiting Avignon, I would definitely recommend a visit to the Palais des Papes, located within the city walls at its highest point. 

The oldest part of the palace was built in 14th Century by Pope Benedict XII when the papacy was first moved to the region. Over the next few decades and subsequent (5) Popes, the palace was build on, altered and made more grand, with Pope Clement VI doing the most additions and alterations. It remained the seat of Catholicism until 1370 when it was realized that the return to Rome was eminent. 

There wasn't a lot of interpretation throughout and the audio guide may have been very helpful (we opted out of it for the sheer reason of not wanting to queue for it), but instead we were able to walk from room to eminence room admiring the grand scale and imagine life in this historical location during its peak. 
(PSST! Check out Selena's picture of a fleeting moment she captured in the palace. Breathtaking.)

Despite my fear of heights I do enjoy going to rooftop vistas as often as I can while traveling. Once making it past the glass floating stairwell to the roof I was rewarded with the panorama of the Rhรดne and the city immediately surrounding the palace.

The grand staircase that didn't seem all that grand to us, but we could certainly feel the history of centuries gone by.

After a few hot hours being tourists we knew it was time to find a nice outdoor cafe and have some rose. As you do in Provence.

Fun travels!

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