Friday, 4 July 2014

My Favourite Travel Photo

It's been a while since I've done a link up and when I found out the theme for this month's link up from Emma, Kelly, and Rebecca was, "my favourite travel photo" I knew I wanted to make an effort to participate. Like most of the people linked up, I had a hard time picking just one. That's the thing with a personal photograph, you remember the story and events surrounding the photo, not just the content and subject of the image. even a blurred image can evoke a smile from you. While travelling Vietnam with my parents, my dad saw an interesting looking man and decided to take a photo of him, I had other plans however and photo boomed it. Now we have a great big photo of my face that we call, "the photo of the interesting man".
But that's not the photo I selected for this link up. This photo was taken on the same Vietnam trip, on my last full day there. I had some what got over my initial culture shock and was enjoying the different smells, sights, and many sounds. I had just finished my Master's dissertation and was heading back to Canada to move in with my long term boyfriend. Life was good. We had just finished dinner at a Hue restaurant that had a small and busy courtyard out front. We were definitely the only white people there that night. It was a time when I felt like a real traveler. I was somewhere completely different, somewhere not a lot of my Canadian friends and family had been.

Fun travels!


  1. Kelly MichelleJuly 04, 2014

    I love that moment when you feel like a real traveller! x

  2. It really is an unforgettable feeling when you are somewhere completely different and you *know* youre a traveller.

  3. Oh love the story behind this picture! At first I was like 'where is the interesting man??' haha


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