Saturday, 14 June 2014

This guy

This guy has always had my back. 
This guy knows how to crack the best dad jokes and sometimes actual funny jokes. 
This guy has mothered me through tough times. 
This guy has protected me. 
This guy has shown me how a real gentleman should act. 
This guy has inspired me through countless lectures and more importantly through actions. 
This guy has taught me practical life skills.
This guy has also taught me that sometime 'trust me' results in two fingers in the eyes (a la three stooges). 
This guy has shown me a lifetime of love and affection. 
This guy can make me cry with laughter at just the thought of the impeccable impression of Sean Connery he once did. 
This guy has shown me what a strong and healthy marriage looks like. 
This guy is probably tearing up right now reading this. Or at least with a very big, quiet grin across his face. 
This guy has also shown me to appreciate the simple things in life, like finding peanuts left behind by your neighbouring passenger on the long bus trip from Saigon to Mui Ne, can brighten any day. (Pictured above)

Happy Father's Day, Da. 

I mailed your card out late. 

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