Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How To Train Travel Glamorously

At the beginning of May I took a girls trip to France, Provence to be exact with some very excellent lady friends. We had such a successful journey I thought I'd share some tips of how to make your ordinary Eurostar train travel more glamorous.

1. Glamorous Snacks

Train snacks are always a good idea. Glam the M&S sarnie up with a Mimosa. Oj and bubbles are always a must. 

2. Glamorous Clothes

Usually I travel in yoga pants and a hoodie. I want to be as comfortable as possible when forced to be seated for extended journeys. However, living in Europe has taught me that's not how the glamorous ladies roll. Chic clothes dependant on the country you're traveling to is an idea; a barrett for Paris,  head scarf and giant glasses for Rome, tunic dress for Greece. Or just a jersey maxi dress, comfort and glamorous, it's the best of both worlds.  

3. Glamorous Books 

I do love a good book on a train journey. I pass between jumping into a fantasy world of fiction and daydreaming as I watch the scenery pass me by. I thought it would be fun to read a book that took place in France since that's where I was heading, so I picked up "A French Affair" by Katie Fforde, it was a nice light read that as it happens doesn't take place in France at all!

4. Glamorous Companions 

And lastly to help glamorize your train travel bring along 3 good girlfriends that will provide endless giggles, thoughtful conversations, and face masks. 

Please respect your fellow train passengers and remember to giggle quietly.

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  1. Steph O'KaneJune 15, 2014

    International Glamour, honey ;)

  2. I'm learning from the best!


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