Monday, 23 June 2014

Hey there, Monday!

Saturday was the first day of summer. I've officially put away my winter jumpers and boots and am just going to layer it up until the weather catches up to the season, it's not far now, but hopefully it's not a tease. I feel like I talk about the weather a lot here, how dull of me. Moving on then, um, how about that local sports team? I've tried to get into the football, considering it goes on for over a month, I should just embrace it, but I just can't seem to. But I hear it is very exciting stuff. A sport I can get into though is horse racing and this past weekend was Royal Ascot. It's a tradition of 'excitement, pageantry, fashion and style.' I was most excited about dressing up and getting to wear a traditional English hat.
That's enough dithering, now on to some heavy procrastinating Monday. 

Vermont. Home away from home.

Gotta love the Golden Girls

Not British, but still found it amusing.

Ben and Jerry's, activists and great ice cream makers.

I love London's green spaces.

Love this movie. 

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