Tuesday, 18 March 2014

PopUpCanada Poutine

On a gloomy February evening in a pub in Maritime Greenwich, I found myself at the bar asking the bartender a most Canadian question, "This is where I get the poutine, eh?"
His response: "Is that the band?"
I thought this wasn't a good sign.
After explaining exactly what poutine is I discovered I was indeed in the correct location. 
It was the Pop Up Canada event at the Admiral Hardy. There was live music by "The Curds", cold pints, and most importantly poutine by The Poutinerie.

The Poutinerie is usually located in a stall at Brick Lane market on Sundays. I have still yet to catch them there, so I was glad for this opportunity. And boy was it good. The gravy was rich, the fries (cause they're Canadian--or rather French, and not English) were crisp and crunchy and the cheese was squeaky! 

This is an Englishman tasting poutine for the very first time.
Notice the 'OMG this is so good' face.

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