Tuesday, 4 March 2014

London Moments

After enjoying some afternoon tea and taking away my doggy bag, because free food. I headed over to the Hippodrome in Leicester Square where some friends of mine were watching Team Canada play hockey. I had missed most of the game, but thought it would be nice to catch the end and hang with some friends. 

When I arrived at the door, the beefy doorman/bouncer asked what was in the container. I told him food and he said I wasn't allowed in with it. 
I think I muttered, "But hockey" as I walked away.

I debated with myself, how badly I wanted to go in, to how much I wanted to keep this free food, to how much I hated to just throwing out perfectly delicious finger sandwiches, a lollipop and a gluten free dessert I wanted to try. Finally making up my mind that hockey was more important I spotted a homeless man with a sign begging for money. I thought, job done, I'll give the food to him, feel good about my good deed and nothing goes to waste. 

I walked over to him and said,"I don't know if you want this, it's some finger sandwiches and desserts from a tea."
He looked up at me and with kind eyes he said, "Aw, sorry mate, but I'm on a gluten free diet."

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