Friday, 14 February 2014


I don't know about you but I like the idea of Valentine's Day. Before all you Valentine hating singletons (or even the paired up one) start scowling at me, hear me out. I love the sentiment of Valentine's Day, actually what I really cherish is the old school approach to the day, literally. Think back to grade school, remember when you would give cards, hand made or store bought with the latest cartoon characters on them, to all your classmates and spend one afternoon slipping your cards into crafted boxes taped to the front of your desks. Then you'd all sit down and read--and let's be honest, count--each and every card. All while eating sweets and chocolate right before the home time bell and slipping into a sugar coma. 
It was an understated, fun day, not so much about romantic love although I did discover a secret admirer or two over the years and became giddy when I received a card from a crush, but most importantly it was about my friends. Showing them I cared for them through this cheap little card and a simple "be my Valentine".

Happy Valentines Day

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