Thursday, 20 February 2014

Art Walk Continued: getting my culture on

After visiting the Halcyon Gallery last week, I was wandering along New Bond Street and came across Sotheby's Auction house. They were advertising for their upcoming Contemporary Art auction (Feb. 13) and the galleries were open to view the pieces that were going up for sale. 
When I was doing my semester abroad, my Art History class often took us around London to small commercial galleries that are clustered together as well as the big auction houses (Sotheby's and Christies).  I was excited to pretend that I was viewing potential acquisitions and not merely stopping in to escape the blustery wind that day.

Chewing gum as art

Sometimes it can be a bit intimidating heading into a commercial gallery knowing you will not and probably not ever buy a piece from them. But I say, get over that fear, you will see some amazing pieces. On this day I saw several Andy Warhol's, Salvador Dali's and a Tracey Emin. The art history student in me was giddy. 


  1. I can DIY that chewing gum art me thinks, jokes aside, I had never thought to go into a commercial gallery, just the art exhibition galleries. I think you've opened up a whole new world for me to explore.

  2. I'm glad to hear that! They are usually free too. Don't let it intimidate you, the Halcyon Gallery was super busy on the day I went, and I can guarantee you most people in there were not looking to spend thousands of pounds on art. :) Check them out!

  3. one of my fav things to do. Great inspiration too!


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