Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Making of Harry Potter

 A few weeks ago I visited The Making of Harry Potter Exhibit at the Warner Bros. studios and I totally geeked out over the sets, the models and the butter beer. Yum, the butter beer!
A friend was visiting from Canada and we had agreed this was the best was to spend our afternoon the day she arrived. I bought our tickets ahead of time and on the big day we made our way to Watford Junction and jumped on the studio bus to begin our journey.

From the moment we arrived the magic had be captivated. It was thrilling to see how things were done in the movie biz and to get up close to the costumes and sets was spectacular.

Learned about forced perspective techniques used on things like this hallway and the ceiling of the Great Hall.

One of my favourite parts was seeing all the sleeping portraits.

The kids were adorable learning defensive wand techniques that they then tried against each other.

The second section was outside in a courtyard were you could pick up a snack and BUTTER BEER! I'm a fan of the sweet liquid.

Back inside for the third bit which focused on the special effects and Diagon Alley.

And just when you think you cannot be wow'd anymore you turn one last corner and come face to face with a scale model of Hogwarts! The whole day was worth every penny. 

Fun travels!

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  1. How awesome are the Harry Potter studios!! I had the best time when I was there! Ahhhhh, want to go back!


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