Thursday, 26 December 2013

SKATE at Somerset House

Back in 2004 I was finishing up my semester abroad in London and my parents had come to visit for December. I took them to all my local haunts and to the most amazing sights and buildings I had come across during my time there. Somerset House was one of these sights and as we looked around we saw the skating rink that had been set up. This amazing building had instantly become magical to me and I often thought back to that first time I saw people skating in the courtyard of Somerset House. 

This year I knew I'd actually be getting my butt out there and do some skating myself (eek! It's been years!). 
There are a handful of locations around London: 

I was tempted by them all, but for my first skate I had to go back to where the magic started at Somerset House. Generally, you should book your time in advance online so that you aren't disappointed, but we were going early enough in the day and on a weekday that we were able to join the very next session. Be warned though, the price increases as the day goes on.

I was slightly concerned that the hour long skate would be too long, but the time flew by and since I didn't fall on my ass, I had a great time.  Of course we finished our winter day with a festive Starbucks coffee where I inadvertently played the Starbucks game
{Deren out and about}

Fun travels!


  1. I didn't go ice skating here, but at Hampton Court Palace and also had an amazing time. Unfortunately I couldn't get tickets for Somerset House anymore otherwise I would have definitely tried their ice rink as well. It looks amazing! Better luck next year.

  2. The ice skating rink at Somerset House is SO pretty!!


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