Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Pinterest Challenge Recap 3: Dog Treats

For my next challenged I decided to attempt making dog biscuits for my precious (yes, I'm one of those pet owners and proud of it). I like the idea of being able to reward my dog with healthy treats that I've taken the time to put together.

I have pinned many different kinds of recipes for this but decided to more or less follow this one as I had all the ingredients in the house already.

I used:
1 cup oats ground in blender to make a coarse flour and a handful more to roll the dough in

2 tbs peanut butter with cranberries (apparently bought out of curiosity and then relegated to the dog's Kong when it was determined to be no good.)
4 tbs apple sauce (random snack sized container in the fridge with no sugar added)

I didn't have cute little bone cookie cutters so I just made them into rectangles that are a good size for breaking apart and feeding to Betty.

I preheated the over to 300 F and cooked them for 30 mins. They were still a bit soft so I stuck them in for another 10 mins. I let them cool completely before letting B try them (we all had a nibble too just to see. They smell good, but are fairly tasteless).

she says 'thank you'. Such a polite dog.

Fun travels!

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