Thursday 12 December 2013

Diamond in the Rough: Bratislava

If the early bird is to get the worm, as it's known, then we were going to be two very lucky early birds taking a 6am flight from Standsted Airport to Slovakia. E and I were set to meet up with the Gluhwein gang in Bratislava that afternoon. But First thing was first; porridge with banana and honey and two Christmas coffees to get us going.

We got into the Old town of Bratislava around 10:30 am and after an English/Slovak conversation with a large man in overalls--we spoke only English and he only Slovak-- who appropriated us of our backpacks, we were ready to explore this "Lilliputioncity (as described by the Ryanair in-flight magazine) and enjoy the seasonal setting.

When you don't do  a lot of traveling (or maybe still if you do), it's nice during your visit to feel like you are somewhere different and not just an unfamiliar part of your home town. E and I were quite proud of our navigating abilities with a language that doesn't resemble English in the slightest.

The Old Town was a bit rough around the edges but still had us charmed by the architecture, friendly people and gluhwein.

We spent the afternoon exploring the city centre, discovering the Christmas Markets and skating rink, and admiring Bratislava's love of public art and statues.

We eventually got down to business and did our laps of the markets, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the Slovakian version of the Christmas market (spoiler; not at all that different from any other Christmas Market).

Finally, came time for the food and drink. E and I shared a sausage, drooled over the fried foods, and devoured pastries and gluhwein.

Trad. cake/pastry with cherries and poppy seeds.

We had a hostel booked in Vienna that night, since it was only a 1 hour train ride away, so we got the show on the road and headed to Austria. Mind you, we were getting a little loopy by hour 17 of our adventure. Photographic evidence below. 

Last year I visited the German Christmas Markets of Colonge, Bonn and Dusseldorf. See my posts here and here.

Fun travels!

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