Thursday, 7 November 2013

Keeping Warm

How to keep warm in a drafty London flat 

What you will need:

1. Thick woolly socks

2. Hot water bottle

3. Jumper (don't be afraid, it's just a cozy sweater)

image via

4. Blanket

*I appear to be having a moment with knits

5. Cuddle buddy (Optional but does make things cuter, otherwise cuddle #2)

Option A

image via

Option B

image via

6. Fire side (Also optional, but a girl can dream can't she?)

image via
I hope this helps keep you warm during the long, dark,...cold,...dreary months we have ahead of us...please excuse me while sit in this corner and sob like a tired toddler.

Happy November! 

Fun travels!


  1. A hudson bay hot water bottle no less... Love all the suggestions. I am dreading the long, dark, cold, dreary months ahead. I may join in your tantrum.

  2. Oh yes and if I can add one thing, a nice warm drink. I must drink so much tea during the winter compared to when its warmer here in England. It helps keep the body temperature up. I def need to get new wooly socks and some fleece lined leggings before too long. Its getting so cold already here in Bath. I look forward to getting to meet you tomorrow. x

    1. Ohmuhgawd! You are so right! I forgot to add in a hot drink!!! It was just a given that I would have a tea in hand with these other items. *slaps hand to forehead*

  3. Definitely the electric kettle too!


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