Thursday, 24 October 2013

Lady Crushes and the Supreme Court

This week I happened to find myself by Westminster with a few hours to kill. I spotted an interesting looking old building and decided to go in. Turns out it was the Supreme Court, it was in session and it was open to the public. Why not. I quietly took a seat in the public gallery space and settled in to what I thought was going to be quite boring and beyond my understanding. Turns out it was fascinating! The panel of judges were made up of 8 men and 1 woman and I immediately was taken with her. She was strong, compassionate, intelligent and in control. I've since Googled this bad mutha and turns out this Lady (she's literally a Lady--Lady Hale) is indeed an impressive woman and all deserving of any developing lady crushes. 


In 1999, Lady Hale followed 
Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss to become only the second woman to be appointed to the Court of Appeal, entering the Privy Council at the same time. In 2004, she joined the House of Lords as a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary (predecessor to the Supreme Court). She was the only woman ever to have been appointed to this position. In June 2013 she was appointed Deputy President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom to succeed Lord Hope of Craighead.
I think she's an intriguing and inspiring woman that I just had to share. 

Who are your lady crushes?

Fun travels!


  1. I love reading about women like her - especially when they're working in the field of law! I'm a law student, so seeing what other people have achieved is really inspirational to me! I hope that I will have time to attend a court session either at the Supreme Court or the Royal Courts of Justice next time I'm in London. Have you ever been to the latter? I think it's the most stunning building in London! :)
    I found your blog through the list of bloggers attending Selena's blogger tea meet up next week - I will be going to and I'm looking forward to meeting you there! :)

    1. I have not been to the Royal Courts of Justice, but it's now on my list!
      I'm so looking forward to this event and meeting some interesting people. :)


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