Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Autumn Wishes

I enjoyed making my summer wish list which helped me remember to enjoy the little things that make me happy in summer, so I thought what a better thing to do than have a fall wish list to help get me through some of the cool and damp days ahead.
Here is what I hope will make my fall amazeballs.

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Changing leaves. Last fall I was in Cambridge and people kept mentioning the changing leaves, but I just didn't see it. This year I will pay close attention to the colours, but I know they just won't compare to Ontario. And if you ask my mum, Ontario just doesn't compare to Quebec. And if you ask my dad, they both just don't compare to New England. And we are right back where we started. Well, sort of.

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Hot chocolate aka Starbucks holiday drinks. Full stop. I love Starbucks holiday drinks and I squee with excitement (is there any other kind of squee?) when I see it's that time of year. MMM eggnog latte. 

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Orphans Thanksgivings.  Although I won't be able to make in home this year for thanksgiving, I do have a great group of Canadian friends here who truly understand the importance of gorging yourself on turkey, pumpkin pie and stuffing (dressing, for you American folk), while surrounded by good company and a Charlie Brown special on the first Monday of October.

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Seasonal veg. I do love me a good gourd. This is the time of year when summer salads and light dishes are pushed aside and crock pots and roasting pans are dusted off and used each night to produce foods for sticking to your bones and insulating your soul!

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Sunshine on crisp days, when you can see your breath but the sun in like a warm hug wrapped around you as you stroll through a park on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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Scarves and comfy, cozy sweaters! I just can't get enough of feeling cozy and a great big, beautiful scarf (I'm talking real scarf, not a fashion scarf) does that for me. And this is the best time of year to enjoy them sans coat,  it's just you and the scarf.

What is on your autumn wishes list? What are you most looking forward to this fall?

Fun travels!

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