Thursday, 8 August 2013

To Market, To Market: Broadway Market

Tell Harrison Ford he can stop searching.

I've found the Holy Grail....if the grail is fries covered in gravy and cheese curd. I feel like I've been talking about poutine a lot lately, blame it on residual feelings from Canada Day, blame it on my non-Canadian friends needing to be educated, blame it simply on a hankering for some saturated fats and cheese, whatever you need to do to get you through the night, it all ends here. *angles sing*

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Broadway Market in Hackney had it's start in 1900 when Fred Cooke opened for business selling jellied eels. Over time the street went down hill and a lot of business went under. In 2004 there was a regeneration in the area and the Saturday market is thriving. 

The market is a place where you can get your weekly fruit and veg and a few gourmet items too, you can find a vintage outfit to add to your wardrobe, and listen to some street music while sipping an iced coffee.

It was a very hot day when I went (31 degrees!) and just looking at this sweater made me dizzy with heat.

But the whole reason I was out here on a very hot Saturday afternoon was for this:

That is real squeaky cheese. The real deal. The real McCoy! P'tite Poutine are two Canadian gal's who are spreading the joy of this dish, one pot at a time.

My day was completed by a mango and coconut iced lollie. I might just have found my new favourite market.

note* if you are going specifically to visit P'tite Poutine, check out their facebook page first, since this is a project of love, they aren't able to attend every weekend. You wouldn't want to be disappointed.

Fun travels!


  1. I go in there all the time for pie & mash!!!!!
    Love it!
    I never miss the Broadway market either... though I find it slightly over priced, I still get veggies and the odd items from there!
    Tammy x

    1. Slightly over priced, I agree. But when looking for something special it could be worth it.
      I'll have to try some pie and mash next time I'm there, although I may always be drawn to P'tite Poutine.

  2. Haha this is good to know! We just returned to the UK after a year of living in Vancouver and I was wondering how I would ever survive without poutine! I will have to look these girls up next time we are in London!

    1. You definitely should! Nice nostalgic taste of Canada in one cheesy cup.


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