Thursday, 15 August 2013

Picnicking Like a Pro

There just something about sunshine and warm weather that makes me want to eat outside for all meals. Even cooking entire meals out of doors is okay by me in the summer time. Maybe it's my Canadian sensibility that feels the heat is fleeting and must be enjoyed outside until the last ray of sun is hidden below the horizon or maybe I was a squirrel in a former life, either way give me a grill and a picnic any day and I'm one happy girl.

Proper picnicking, however, can be a tricky endeavor so here are some steps to picnicking like a pro.

Step 1:
Find and acquire an impossibly quaint and utterly impractical wicker basket.


Step 2:
Buy much too much food for two people and possibly items that quickly turn when left in direct sun.

Step 3: 
Finally after dragging your very heavy, impractical, yet quaint picnic basket across town, join the throngs of people in a sunny park on a weekend afternoon.

Step 4:
Forget to bring any kind of reading material or form of entertainment. Send someone off to buy a newspaper and then read to each other about the current economic climate and the 10 day weather forecast.

Step 5:
Eventually pack up, but only after you have relocated about 5 times in order to remain in the sunny bits, and head home. 

Step 6:
Once home, eat the remaining items (not melted from the sun) from your picnic and declare the day a great success.


Do you like to picnic? 
What’s your favourite food to bring along?

Fun travels!


  1. awesome pictures :D looks like someone had some fun :) even after relocating

    1. It was a lot of fun, even chasing the sun. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ok. First... love those shoes! Way too cute! Love the dress too and of course the basket... you've mastered the art of looking great on a picnic!
    I never go on picnics where I live in Austin, Texas... we would melt. If lucky we can sneak crisps to the park with some ice water! :)
    I used to live on the Canadian border in Maine though and I know about always enjoying any ray of warm sunshine you get!!
    Tammy x

    1. The shoes, they are adorable same with that dress, but sadly, I'm not that chic. I guess I should have been more clear, some of the photos in this post were found via good old Pinterest. Although I did wear an adorable romper and gold sandal.
      I would love to visit Texas one day, but I'm afraid I would melt.
      Side note* I have once been to Texas before, spent a week there, however I was two years old and traveling anywhere before the age you can wipe your own butt doesn't count. Too crude? I can't help it, it's the official rating system.


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