Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Italian Holiday: Florence

I took an art history course in university where the professor would start off each class by dimming the lights and turning on the slide projector (dating myself? No, he was old school) and saying, 
"Today, ladies and gentlemen, let us settle back and visit the home of the Renaissance; Florence!

Medieval gate to the city

Palazzo Vecchio at night (seen Hannibal?)

Fountain of Neptune 

Ponte Vecchio

View of the city from Parco Bardini

Cypress Ally in Parco Boboli

Look at these funny little guys, I don't know what their story was though. This park was full of weird and 'unclassic' statues. 

Of course we visited the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore aka the Duomo di Firenze. With one ticket (10 euro) you could visit several of the outer buildings; including the Baptistery of St. John, the rotunda (I opted out of this, YIKES! I did not face my fear of heights this day), the museum*, and the campanile.

I loved his creativity to get both the Duomo and his partner in the picture 
 While enjoying a glass of wine and a cheese plate before dinner one night we met a North American family that gave us a tip to visit the Torre Guelfa which was now a hotel with a rooftop bar. We quickly finished our drinks and headed over. The wooden stairs up (I lost count how many flights) was a bit hairy for me, but once at the top--with a stiff drink--I was settled and admiring the panorama.

And of course the beautiful sunset

TLDR: Florence was beautiful, I went up high buildings, I ate food, pretended I lived there  in our little apartment, I forgot to take a picture of the David.
Now on to Rome!

Fun travels!


  1. Rome is awesome! One of my fav cities ;) Do go to Hadrian Mausoleum ;) great view over Vatican :D

  2. Beautiful!! Love your photos! Florence looks spectacular ~ I think I MUST go... eventually.


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