Thursday, 1 August 2013

Fancy Dinners

 To celebrate a 30th birthday, it must be a big to-do, you can't just let it slide by like any other day. So when a friend told me he didn't have any plans for his birthday I insisted we do a nice fancy dinner and drinks. The Hawksmoor was in order. 

Best. Damn. Steak. Around. Town. 

If you are looking for cheap and cheerful, then keep looking. Hawksmoor has a great atmosphere (we went to the original Spitalfields location) and a great historic setting, but cheap it ain't. 

We started off with cocktails (I love my alcohol to be accompanied by food items...I also like my salads to include meat)

followed by appetizers. We were intrigued by the bone marrow and onions and were so pleasantly surprised.

Then the main course; prime rib, buttered greens, chips, and mushrooms (which seemed as meaty as the meat!)

It was a fantastic dinner and I would love another special occasion to go back and visit the Spitalfields Bar, just as classy but a bit more in my everyday price range. Good thing you only turn 30 once!

Fun travels!

This dinner was completely paid by me, I was not compensated in anyway and all opinions are my own.

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