Thursday, 18 July 2013

The summer backpack

The summer backpack

Canvas backpack / Brown backpack / Canvas backpack / Victoria's Secret cotton bag / Knapsack bag

Have you noticed the trend this summer? Your old school backpack is back! 
At the end of each summer, my mum and I would go back-to-school shopping and I was allowed to get a new backpack for the school year.  Although I can no longer justify end of summer shopping sprees I'm totally jumping on board with this trend and purchasing a new backpack for the summer--back to summer school shopping?

I have a trip coming up and I find this not only works with an easy, comfortable summer wardrobe, it's also great to carry all your tourist gear. 

I opted for a faux brown leather one from New Look. Similar

Are you diggin’ this look? 
We should be friends.

Fun travels!

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