Thursday, 6 June 2013

Open Letter to Instagram

Dear Instagram;

You've broken my heart. I thought we had something, something real, something that would never go away because it felt so right. Then 30 April happened, in something that I refer to as the moment my world went dark...or a lot less sepia toned  #tmmwwd...oallst! My 'vintage' iPhone 3G could no longer update to be compatible with your new operating system. 
Some might have called my level of interest in you an obsession, but not this kid. Sure I was checking in every couple of hours and was always on the lookout for a great instashot, but I wasn't different than any other Instagram user. I even encouraged my technologically disinclined parents to join--although in hindsight, this might have been an error in judgement. Then you betrayed me, you changed and my life hasn't been the same since.

Picture of my food I was forced to post on Facebook instead. Notice the distinct lack of filters.

Going cold turkey was hard. I might have raved about the indignity of it all when others around me instagramed #thishappened, I might have twitched slightly when they held their phones over their food #Iatethis and I had to just sit there only EATING mine. Seeing the world around me with retro-like filters lasted a lot longer than I'd care to admit. I had convinced myself that I was most upset because I no longer could keep in touch with my friends and family back home, they could no longer follow my big move to the UK; #erininscotland, #erinincambridge. Really though, these pictures were the same old retro looking photos of the tea I was drinking, food I was eating, and selfies just in a new location. 
In all seriousness though, when I was first cut off, I felt disconnected and lost. I felt like I no longer was contributing to something bigger. I liked being part of that Instagram community, and it is a community with meetups, fans, and its own little place in our social media consumed world we now live in. I'm not all that disconnected after all.
So I guess I must thank you Instagram since #tmmwwd...oallst, I have rediscovered the freedom I had B.I. (before Instagram). I can again enjoy my food, standing still in interesting locations #fromwhereIstand and noticing funny signs when out and about without the pressure of having to take an artsy, vintagey photo while no one is looking. 

Warm regards,
A former Instagrammer


On a completely different note, anyone know how much an iPhone 5 is going for these days?

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Fun travels!

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