Friday, 8 March 2013

My Top Go-to Travel Movies

This week spring has arrived in London! 

Temps are in the double digits (if you're American, this is a good number) and the sun has been shining--never mind the fact that it's supposed to drop down again by the end of the weekend. It's at these times--when spring is on the verge of exploding, when it's promising an end of cold, grey (and maybe snowy) days-- that my wanderlust gets the better of me and I just want to explore. Whether it be just a short country drive to the next town over or maybe something further afield. Usually at this point however, old man winter rears his head and gives us one more blast of the season. And when this inevitably happens I like to curl back up on the couch with some tea and popcorn and watch a classic* movie that will put a smile on my face while the wind howls outside.

My top 4 travel movies are: 


1. Under the Tuscan Sun: Tuscany, Italy

Ever wanted to start over? Or better yet, start over in beautiful Italy? Well with this movie you can pretend to. After a painful divorce Frances takes a trip to Tuscany and along the way buys a Villa in the village of Cortona. It has a happy ending, even if it wasn't what Frances was expecting to happen in her life. Beautiful scenery, Italian food, an adorable R&J love story (minus death scenes); it's everything I want in a travel movie.


2. French Kiss: Paris, France

A romantic comedy of a woman who is afraid to fly, gets on a plane to France to win back the heart of her ex-fiance who has suddenly met someone else. As chance has it she meets up with an annoying petty thief who uses her to smuggle a vine and a diamond necklace into the country.  As classic* romcoms go, she cannot stand him at first, finds him rude and calls him "hygiene deficient" but along the way he steals her heart (see what I did there?). Most favourite part: "LACTOSE INTOLERANCE!" (I often quote it)


3. Joe Versus the Volcano: South Pacific 

This cult classic is about a man (Joe) in a dead end job, unhappy with his life when he's diagnosed with a terminal "brain cloud". The plot doesn't end there (otherwise it wouldn't have made the cheesy, I mean classic cut). Joe promptly tells off his boss, and quits his job. With nothing to loose, Joe accepts an offer to live out the rest of his days as a hero. He makes his way to the Pacific Island of Waponi Woo where he will jump into the active volcano Woo to appease the local volcano gods. Along the way, he discovers a reason to live and the love of his life, but "the timing stinks".  You got beaches and you got a grand feast. Done.


4. UP: Paradise Falls, Venezuela  

Not cheesy, just straight up good.  If the first 10 minutes don't make you cry, then you, my friend, are a robot. By tying thousands of balloons to his house Carl Fredricksen begins the adventure a lifetime in the making and a bit too late.  If this movie doesn't drive home the idea that you must pursue your dreams rather than pushing them aside for a future time I don't know what does. Plus, there are talking dogs.

*read: cheesy

Do you have any favourite travel movies? Share them with me in the comments!

Fun travels!

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