Thursday, 7 February 2013

Saugh Haugh Tea

I first learned about the Willow Tea Rooms from an exhibit at the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. I'm in love with early 20th century design and architecture so when I discovered that the Willow Tea Rooms could still be visited today (2 locations, Sauchiehall Street and Buchanan Street), I jumped at the chance.

The tea rooms  were designed by Scottish architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1904, putting his unique touch an every aspect of the tea rooms. The Room De Luxe and Gallery at the Sauchiehall Street location still have most of the original features on display even though the tea rooms closed down in 1917 and the building re-purposed   They were reopened in 1983 after renovations to bring them back to it's former glory.

High tea served all day
I would have loved to have ordered the high tea, but it just seemed like to much food for one person, so I opted for their lunch special which was lentil soup (the Scots seem to LOVE lentil soup, you can get it anywhere that serves soup) with an egg salad sandwich and tea.

Room De Luxe from 1903
Room De Luxe today

The Gallery

Small display of Charles Renee Mackintosh designs

I had a great time and kinda want to check out the second location on the busier Buchanan Street and this time go for the high tea.

Fun travels!

This is not a sponsored post, I paid full price for my tea. All the opinions expressed are my own.

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