Friday, 25 January 2013

The Burrell Collection

For the past couple weeks I've been house sitting for a friend in Glasgow. This is a great city with lots to do, however, I don't have a lot of money to be spending on extravegances so I'm choosing wisely how I spend my time here. I'm a museum junkie and visit as many museums as I can when I find myself in a new place.
The Burrell Collection, named after it's donor, Sir William Burrell and his wife Constance, Lady Burrell, is located in the Pollok Country Park, Glasgow. The collection was started as a private collection of art mostly of their contemporaries and was deeded to the City of Glasgow in 1944. 

model of the Burrell Collection building
detail from 16th century stained glass 

The woodland setting and large windows were a great backdrop to showcase many sculputres

The reason why I wanted to visit was for the Rodin pieces. They did not disappoint.

Floor mosaic from Ancient Rome

The museum cafe was also surrounded with floor to ceiling windows surrounded by the Pollock Country Park's many nature trails with families exploring and dogs playing. It was a great afternoon. I will be going back again with a picnic to explore some of the trials myself.

Any suggestions of things I should do in Glasgow or day trips I should take? 

Fun travels!

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