Friday, 18 March 2016

Spend St. Patrick's Day in Ireland at Least Once in Your Lifetime

This one time, I had the good fortune of celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, Ireland and I think you should do the same at least once in your lifetime. If that's not convincing enough then here are some reasons why you should.

They have a great, big parade. Everyone and more will be there to see it, but it's still fun.

Tat like this is available all year long. Isn't it just adorable? I bring it out every year for the special day.

There are so many great pubs with a flow of delicious alcohol, from Guinness to Hot Whiskys. You can even go straight to the source and visit the Guinness brewery in Dublin.

And then tea and sandwiches after the drinking finishes and before the drinking continues. It was one of my favourite parts of our night at the local country pub, so rejuvenating!

The museums! Oh the museums!

The people are rather lovely. Kind and warm, always ready to share a story and a bit of craic.

And if all that wasn't enough, you still have all these country views. Even in March it's oh so green (although some of the locals disagreed with me on this)!


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