Thursday, 26 February 2015

Baby, it's F@#!ing Cold Outside and the Toronto Heat Fest

With record low temperatures happening the Toronto Heat Fest: A Great Canadian Comfort Food Festival, was a welcome idea. This was a first time event at the Distillery District (which also had the Toronto Christmas Market) with an assortment of food trucks and physical activities to keep one warm. 

The temperature was a devastatingly low -24 degrees, with the windchill, which made for a small turnout to the event despite it being a bank holiday, but that was all the better for me. No queueing! The good thing about the Distillery District is the many opportunities to nip inside a shop, gallery, or cafe/pub to browse until the feeling in your hands and feet return.

SugarHoops started off the day with hula hooping fun for all ages. I discovered this activity was no more difficult with a thick winter coat than without and no less fun.

There was also cold yoga and dancing. Not as many participants for these activities but great creativity in keeping people warm.

Now for the reason why I was there, why I was losing the feeling in my extremities and not tucked away at home with a warm tea, blanket, and a fire.

First up was a Cheese Burger Pie from Marty Galin Pies. Complete with ground beef, cheese, and fries. It sounded just disgusting enough to try. It was delicious!

The Falafels from Cuisine Mavi, although cold (no way they could stay heated), were excellent.

Lastly, we had the South Asian Sweet Corn Kernels from Mr. Corn. My least favourite item from the day, I should have picked one with melted cheese. You can never, ever go wrong with melted cheese.

By the end of the day, we were completely fresh air fatigued and required a hot drink indoors on a plushy leather couch; Balzac's Coffee to the rescue. (with a butter tart and baklava)

I will brave almost any weather condition for a good snack so I hope the Heat Fest is back next Family Day with slightly warmer weather and many
more food trucks.


  1. I love the Distillery District! You are so brave for getting out there in the cold, looks like it was worth it! Great photos.

  2. Thanks, I love that area too! Definetly worth it.

  3. I'm jealous of your scarf because it gets to cuddle your face


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