Tuesday, 7 October 2014

All the Interesting Characters: Link Up

This is Isaac. Isaac worked in the canteen at International Student House where I lived during my semester abroad in London.  He was at school studying to be a maths teacher. He had a blazing smile, a friendly heart, and always a kind and welcoming greeting. I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner in this canteen almost every day and Isaac's smiling face and booming "Rrrrich-Aard" greeting warmed me. 

This photo was taken in the last week of my semester abroad. Although we never kept in touch, I will always remember this photo and this young man. 

I think he represents to me, a time in my life when I was discovering things about myself; some of my strengths and weaknesses, my capabilities and areas in myself that I felt I needed to work on. He represents a time when I was meeting a lot of new people, was being pushed out of my comfort zone, and made a lot of life time friends. 

This is part of the monthly travel link up with Emma, Kelly, and Rebecca.  Do check out some of the other posts on the Interesting Character theme, there are some great stories linked up there.


  1. A nice story! It's funny how there are people who we remember instantly and remind us of such an important time in our life... I always wonder if these people would remember me, or if there are people who remmeber me that I don't remember!

  2. Good point! There must be people out there that we affect and don't even know it. That's a nice thought for the day.

  3. Isaac sounds lovely - just the kind of person you'd want to see so often!

  4. Indeed. Unlike your waiter, who once would be enough. :)
    (or is it whom? BAH grammar)


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