Tuesday, 23 April 2013


The last two weeks of April at Somerset House is set aside for the 4th annual Pick Me Up, a contemporary graphic art festival. 

My mother is a graphic artist so I've grown up surrounded by creative illustrations and graphic designs and have forever been jealous of their talent. This festival reminds me of that! So jealous, how crazy good these up and coming artists are at their craft. You should totally check it out. It's running now until April 28th (book your tickets by midnight the day before your visit and skip the queues)

I wish I had a lot of disposable income (even a little) to buy some of my favourite pieces from this event.

Malika Favre

Tom Edwards

Daniel Frost

Sarah Fanelli
I found out about this event when I contact Somerset House about volunteer opportunities, so I've been helping out with the various workshops and daily specials they have each day.

The nail bar
Our arts and crafts for the day

Show and Tell
Ukulele band

Kid's artwork with "The Onion's Great Escape" by Sarah Fanelli

Someone spilled coffee and then turned it into a doodle of Napoleon...as you do. Yay arts fests! 

Fun travels!

this is not a sponsored post, I just really, really like the festival and think you would too.

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